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Milad Tower International Conference Hall 



Tehran, This Metropolis Lying at the foothills of Alborz, has always glory the mount Damavand, a symbol of freedom of Iranian people.  But today, in the third millennium, the art work of Iranian engineers' grandstand in another aspect. Tehran Milad Tower, which in each part of it, Islamic-Iranian art and architecture is visible and is flagged the greatness of Iran over Tehran height.


We look at 435 meters' feet, turned and dignity of the sixth Tall Tower television and Lancaster of the world is more understanding. This cypress of proud and a sign of progress and responsiveness, is a great complex that has own varied technical and cultural structures in its heart and has become the center of the cultural- touristic issues of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Approximate weight of the tower is 150 thousand Tons, the widest diameter is 60 meters, concrete volume of the project is about 63 thousand cubic meters and the volume of the glass consumption about 17 thousand square meters.


Tower is active in the field the spreading wireless communications, effectiveness and extension of the radio and television board cover, infrastructure of digital TV, meteorology andtraffic control. Milad tower is truly a dream coming true.


The Milad Tower company has found with the purpose of effective operation from the tower that would have efficient and stable services in Tehran. This complex is under the title of Tehran Communications Center consisting of Milad tower, International Conference Center, International Five Star Hotel and the World Trade Center.







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